OYOTA GAZOO Racing introduced its 2024 domestic motorsport program, including items such as the previously un-announced SUPER GT GT300 class program. According to the announcement, TGR will support eight teams fielding nine cars of the Toyota and Lexus brands in the GT300 class.

 Last season’s GT300 class title-winning No. 52 SAITAMATOYOPET will continue to compete under the Green Brave team name with the GR Supra. The drivers will be Hiroki Yoshida and the new teammate Seita Nonaka, who becomes regular driver for the team as they seek a second consecutive title.
 Also using the GR Supra will be the No. 60 LM corsa team and the No. 25 HOPPY team TSUCHIYA. For the LM corsa team, the two drivers will again this year be Hiroki Yoshimoto and Shunsuke Kohno. Also, HOPPY team TSUCHIYA, which unfortunately had to withdraw from the series last year, now plans to resume participating, with Tougo Suganami continuing as driver along with Takamitsu Matsui, who returns to the team after an absence.

 Three teams will be participating in the series with the GR86 machine. The No. 2 muta Racing INGING team that continued to battle for the title until the last round in 2023 will compete again with the same team members, including drivers Yuui Tsutsumi and Hibiki Taira, as they seek redemption for the near miss last season. The No. 20 SHADE RACING team will also compete again with the same driver pair of Katsuyuki Hiranaka and Eijiro Shimizu, and racing on Michelin tires. The No. 30 apr team will compete again with driver Hiroaki Nagai, and joining him will be last year’s FIA-F4 champion, Rikuto Kobayashi, in his SUPER GT debut.

 The No. 31 apr team will be competing again this year using the LEXUS LC500h machine that debuted last season. Kazuto Kotaka becomes the team’s first driver this year and he will team with Jin Nakamura, who comes to SUPER GT for the first time after competing for the FIA-F4 title last year.

 There will be two teams competing using the LEXUS RC F GT3 machine, and here as well both will compete with the same team members. The No. 50 ANEST IWATA Racing with Arnage team will enter with drivers Igor Omura Fraga and Yuga Furutani. The No. 96 K-tunes Racing team will compete again this season with drivers Morio Nitta and Shinichi Takagi.

■TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT300 teams
Excerpts from “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, 2024 SUPER GT GT300 Class, Super Taikyu Series participation program, Announcement of Driver Training Program for Domestic Races” (In Japanese)

GT300 Class

INGING MOTORSPORT(name provisional)TBA(base model is the GR86)2Yuui Tsutsumi (Japan)
Hibiki Taira (Japan)
Hiroki Katoh (Japan)
SHADE RACINGSHADE RACING GR86 GT20Katsuyuki Hiranaka (Japan)
Eijiro Shimizu (Japan)
HOPPY team TSUCHIYATBA (base model is the GR Supra)25Togo Suganami (Japan)
Takamitsu Matsui (Japan)
aprapr GR86 GT30Hiroaki Nagai (Japan)
Rikuto Kobayashi (Japan)
Manabu Orido (Japan)
aprapr LC500h GT31Kazuto Kotaka (Japan)
Jin Nakamura (Japan)
Yuki Nemoto (Japan)
ANEST IWATA Racing with ArnageANEST IWATA Racing RC F GT350Igor Omura Fraga (Brazil)
Yuga Furutani (Japan)
Green BraveGreen Brave GR Supra GT52Hiroki Yoshida (Japan)
Seita Nonaka (Japan)
LM corsaSyntium LMcorsa GR Supra GT60Hiroki Yoshimoto (Japan)
Shunsuke Kohno (Japan)
K-tunes RacingK-tunes RC F GT396Morio Nitta (Japan)
Shinichi Takagi (Japan)

Only teams with a designated third driver are listed.

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