Subaru Motorsports USA is gearing up for the beginning of the 2024 American Rally Association (ARA) Championship Season next month. With two new rally cars, a full eight-round calendar, and extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana back behind the wheel of the 199 car, the season promises to be an exciting one.

Driver Brandon Semenuk returns with co-driver Keaton Williams in the 180 car for the 2024 ARA season after winning a second consecutive Championship with a perfect 2023 outing, capped off with the debut of the all-new WRX rally car. Pastrana returns to ARA action with co-driver Rhianon Gelsomino and the Subaru Motorsports USA team after having won the 2017 and 2021 ARA championships.

The excitement of the matching matte blue WRX Subaru Motorsports cars dueling through the 2024 ARA rally stages will only be equaled by watching how Pastrana’s take-no-prisoners, full-attack style stacks up to Semenuk’s precise and technical approach as the season progresses. On top of that, there’s the competition outside of the team, which also steps up: new drivers and cars expected to contend during every stage of the 2024 ARA Championship.  

As always, those stages will span the US, taking drivers from tarmac to dirt, dust, mud, and everything between over the course of the season. The 2024 ARA calendar is slightly different this year, with the addition of September’s Overmountain Rally Tennessee. Formerly known as the Bristol Forest Rally, race organizers see their efforts to bring the Rally into the national championship picture pay off this year.

There’s a lot of rally to run before Tennessee in September, however. First up for drivers and teams is the Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan February 9-10. The one true winter rally in the ARA calendar, Sno*Drift is a great starting stage for the season before moving on to the fast, gravelly course of March’s 100 Acre Wood Rally in Missouri. Teams head west from there to tackle the unpredictable conditions of the Olympus Forest Rally in Washington State. Get the latest updates by following Subaru Motorsports USA on Facebook, on Instagram @subarumotorsportsusa, and TikTok @subarumotorsportsusa. Also, stay tuned for an all-new season of Subaru’s award-winning documentary series Launch Control, giving viewers behind-the-scenes access that can’t be found anywhere else during this competitive ARA season.

Driver Quotes

Pastrana: “I have the same co-driver and team from our last championship in 2021 but we have a new WRX that is sure to provide some extra speed. A few new rallies in the championship to look forward to and a rival/teammate that took the number one plate from me… Game On. This year is going to be a lot of fun.”

Semenuk: “It’s great having Travis back in the championship! Not only is it more fun having a teammate, but I enjoyed the days of trading times with him. That’s the kind of racing I look forward to — and two teams means quicker growth and improvement, and an even better show for the fans!”

The 2024 ARA Championship season promises to be more competitive than ever

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