With a lifetime filled with electrifying performances and breathtaking displays of skill, Ken Block has emerged as the undisputed Motorsport Driver of the Year 2023 from ZENDO Motorsport Club. Known for his fearless approach to racing and mastery of various disciplines, Block has captivated fans worldwide with his exceptional talent behind the wheel. In Ken’s final performance, Electrikhana, piloting the Audi S2 Hoonitron, we are thankful for what Ken has done for our industry.

Block’s remarkable achievements throughout his life have solidified his status as a driving force in the world of motorsport. From dominating rally stages to conquering the toughest urban terrains, his versatility and commitment to excellence have set a new standard for aspiring drivers globally.

Key Highlights of Ken Block’s Outstanding Years:

Rally Domination: Block showcased unparalleled prowess in rally competitions, consistently delivering podium-worthy performances. His precision and speed on challenging courses demonstrated a level of skill that left competitors in awe.

Gymkhana Phenomenon: Widely regarded as the master of Gymkhana, Block continued to redefine the boundaries of car control with his mesmerizing stunts and precision driving. His Gymkhana videos garnered millions of views online, further solidifying his influence and popularity beyond traditional racing circles.

Global Impact: Block’s influence extended beyond his home country, as he participated in and excelled at international events. His performances resonated with fans worldwide, making him a truly global motorsport icon.

Innovation and Collaboration: Block’s involvement in cutting-edge projects and collaborations demonstrated his commitment to pushing the envelope. From pioneering new car technologies to partnering with leading automotive brands, he consistently showcased a forward-thinking approach to motorsport.

We know Ken Block would express gratitude for the support of his fans, team, sponsors, and most importantly his family. In Ken’s own voice, we know he would have expressed “It’s been an incredible journey. Motorsport is my passion, and I am grateful for the opportunities to push my limits and inspire others,”

As we celebrate Ken Block’s exceptional achievements and life, it is evident that his impact on motorsport extends far beyond the racetrack. With an unparalleled blend of skill, charisma, and innovation, Block will continue to shape the future of motorsport and inspire the next generation of drivers.

Ken Block
November 21, 1967 – January 2, 2023

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