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How do I find instruction manuals for products?
Instruction manuals are supplied on the specific product pages. You can also find the instruction manuals and spec sheets on our page labeled “Data Sheets“

Where can I locate a wiring diagram for my LED light bar?
Click on any of our LED light bars. The wiring diagrams are located at the bottom of the page under the “Documents and Videos” tab.

How do I clean my Baja Designs light bar or auxiliary lights?
We recommend a mild (dish or car) soap, or silicone spray for cleaning your Baja Designs lights. The use of sodium hydroxide will eat through the anodized coating that is used on most Baja Designs LED Lights. Acetone and cleaners that feature acetone as an ingredient (contact cleaner) are also damaging to the powder coated surfaces of our products. Though we do warranty most defects, including those that impact coatings and finishes, your claim will not be honored if we determine that your product was damaged due to the use of sodium hydroxide or other harmful cleaning products.

What is the difference between amber and white light?
Amber light will be better for poor visibility from dust, fog, rain, or snow. While the white light will reflect off the particles in the air and create a blinding effect, the amber light will reflect less and thus cut through the particles in the air from dust, fog rain, or snow.


How much stator output do I need to run a Squadron LED light?
Baja Designs recommends having at least 100 watts generated from your stator.

How do I find out how much stator output my bike has?
Check your owner’s manual or cross-reference our motorcycle output charts

Is a dual sport kit easy to install?
While we no longer offer and support Dual Sport Kits, we still offer our instructions online for reference.


Customers in Australia can order products from:
Please see our dealer locator map: CLICK HERE

I live outside of the United States. Am I responsible for fees, taxes and tariffs charged for shipping an order into my country?

Yes. The customer is responsible for paying all fees related to shipping their purchase into their country. Costs associated with returning a product due to inability to pay the tariffs are also the responsibility of the customer.

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