When we welcomed the Ford Raptor to the COBB Family nearly 5 years ago, we knew that these trucks were incredible rigs straight from the factory.  We also knew that COBB could make them even better.  You guys saw that, too – and thanks to all of you who invited us into your truck builds, we’ve been able to continue our work with Ford Trucks.

This year, we’re stoked to announce that we’ve been working on our very own Raptor to bring out to events and trail rides, and to celebrate 25 years of COBB Tuning.  It’s a chance to get out and meet our friends and fans in person, and get to know our truck family a little bit better.

We also knew that y’all wouldn’t let us off the hook if we showed up with a stock truck, so we started talking to our friends and set out to build something that’s wild enough to actually take on the trails, but mild enough to allow us to hit events and hang out with you guys all over the country.


Naturally, it’s got the COBB Accessport for an incredible, easy to load, and emissions-compliant tune.  We also added the COBB front mount intercooler and a Redline Carbon Fiber intake to round out the full Stage 2 package.  This truck has been running great and is an absolute blast to drive with the increased power and torque.

We got together with our friends over at Nitto and gave our girl an upgraded set of even-more-capable tires.  With a set of 37×12.5×17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers installed, we’ve got even more clearance and traction for when we hit the trails.  Shout out to the Accessport for getting our speedo back in check with the larger rolling diameter of the tires.  Calculating for the 37″ height was an easy option on the screen, and it’ll take guesswork out of the picture while we’re out on the highway headed to the next adventure in the dirt.

You might notice those COBB wheels, and think, “Man!  I need those!”  Soon, friends.  Soon.  As soon as they launch, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know – as long as you’re signed up for our COBB Trucks mailing list.  They’re flow-forged, strong as heck, and light enough to give your truck the performance it’s been asking for.

Don’t miss out on the launch of these wheels, and more! Sign up for Ford specific emails over on our Stay Informed page.

We’re working with Eibach this week (stay tuned for the video) to give this rig more functional clearance and an even better look, both on and off the trails.  With their Ford Raptor spring kit installed on all four corners, we’ll get all the clearance for the new 37s to not just on the road, but when we hit the trails, too.

Morimoto was gracious enough to send out some taillights, dust lights, and ditch lights to help us light the way, even when our adventures run into the dark when we’re out on the trail.  but for now, we’ve got Big Bangers set up on the front for ditch lights, the X3B upgraded LED 3RD Brake Light, and white and amber 1Bangers set up as rear facing dust lights.  We finished off the rear with their XB LED Taillights, and we’re stoked about how well the lighting is all coming together on the truck. Morimoto makes a ton of great retrofit lighting and auxiliary options for your truck, and we’re not done adding lights just yet.  Stay tuned for what comes next!

If this was just a show truck, we might’ve stopped there – but show trucks aren’t really our thing.  In the bed, we added an SDHQ Motorsports chase rack, stacked with dual spares.  The SDHQ Rack install was a breeze, and it opened up functional secure storage options for us.

You’ll notice the Pro Eagle jack tucked in there, too – we love the Pro Eagle line.  They’re engineered to roll easily through the dust and dirt, have the capacity for trucks of almost any size, and with the extensions, you won’t find us in a sketchy situation if we need to change a tire in the dirt. 

We’ve also got a couple of spare fuel cans, and a set of MaxTrax up there.  If you see us on the side of the trail, hopping in the bed of the Raptor…well, things have probably not gone to plan.  Stop, hang out, mock us if you need to. At least we’ve got the best, most accessible options to help us get out of whatever we’ve gotten ourselves into.

In addition to meeting up with our friends at Eibach, we’ve worked with the guys over at Builtright Industries to get us all the secure storage we could possibly need, both in and outside the truck.  We’ll be working with their team to get those installed this week, too – stay tuned for more on that.

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