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Mat’s got his hands on the Dacia Spring!

It’s a cheap and cheerful electric car that isn’t currently on sale in the UK. The question is, even with a £16,000 price tag, should you consider it over other small electric competitors?

When it comes to materials, it’s fair to say the Spring isn’t exactly the most robust car. The doors seem relatively flimsy, and when you step inside don’t expect to find any soft touch, high-quality materials here! Cheap plastic covers the majority of the cabin, and it doesn’t even come with any cup holders! We have the Extreme edition for this review, which comes with fake leather seats, although the quality doesn’t feel all that good.

When it comes to the battery & range, the Spring comes with a 25kWh battery pack. In the entry-level car this is good for a claimed range of 143 miles, while in the Extreme edition, it drops slightly to 137 miles.

Naturally, the performance figures aren’t anything to write home about. The entry-level delivers just 45hp and hits 60mph in 19 seconds, while the Extreme has 65hp and hits 60mph in over 13 seconds.

But of course, it only costs £16,000, while other small EV competitors can cost almost double that! So is it worth it? You’ll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:19 Range
02:21 Interior
04:27 Performance
05:35 Motorway Driving
08:03 Price
08:37 Town Driving
09:48 Tech
10:20 Back Seats
10:59 Boot
11:15 Materials & Value
12:06 Real-world Range
12:58 Verdict

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