Three Polestar Design Contest winners collaborated on this supercar, and it’s now a full-scale model that we can prod and poke. Whilst it may or may not enter production any time soon (c’mon, Polestar), it’d be one heck of a rival to the BAC Mono, wouldn’t it?

Polestar describes the end product as an ‘electric fantasy supercar’ that stands at just over one metre tall and 4.56 metres long. There’s a closed canopy, LED lighting and an excellent ‘hollowed-out’ look that was apparently inspired by a hammerhead shark.

How fast could it be? Polestar’s been remarkably coy about making up performance figures, but since it’s described as an electric supercar, we’re going to go with ‘very’.

So join TG’s Tom Ford for a look at this could-be supercar then email Polestar immediately with the subject line “Just put it into production, will you?”

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00:00 Intro
00:29 Polestar
01:14 Polestar 2 BST + 3
02:11 Polestar 3 interior
02:46 Polestar Synergy
05:27 Interior
06:49 Conclusion

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