Branden Sorensen was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada with a family of motorsports enthusiasts. Driving since the young age of 5 years old, he was raised with a steering wheel in his hand. Branden has experience in many different racing disciplines including karting, UTVs, Off-Road Trophy Trucks, and more. Branden began to focus on drifting at only 12 years old, competing in local grass roots drift events.

He earned his Formula Drift license by winning the U.S. Drift Championship at the young age of 14, the youngest in Formula Drift history. Branden enjoys taking part in engineering and building his race cars. He has worked in the garage from a young age alongside his father, who is a 20 year off-road racing veteran. Branden and his team have designed their own suspension, body kits, and constructed the car entirely in the Sorensen Garage.

Produced by

Jacob Gettins
Formula DRIFT
Frank Maguire

Edited by Kyle Mayhew

Audio Engineering by Jason O’neill
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