The Tesla Model S Plaid, so named because it’s the only speed faster than Ludicrous in the 1987 Star Wars parody movie Spaceballs. Hashtag ElonHumour. Basically a tri-motor electric saloon with 1,020bhp, 1,050lb ft and all-wheel drive.

The combination allows for pretty brutal acceleration: in the US the Model S Plaid has been clocked at 2.11 seconds to 62mph from rest, 4.19s to 100mph, 6.99s to 130mph and 0-150mph in 9.17 seconds. The quarter-mile was completed in 9.248 seconds at just over 150mph. It beats the Chiron up to 100mph.

So what does this Track Package add, then? Well, hopped-up battery conditioning for one, some different settings for the air suspension, and more aggressive torque vectoring. It’s the hardware that’s the most obvious though. For roughly £16,000 in the UK, you also get the carbon-ceramic brake package, high-temp brake fluid, and a ‘Zero-G’ wheel and tyre package that includes 20-inch lightweight wheels and Goodyear Supercar 3R tyres.

So has it helped fix some of the weak spots of the non-track pack Plaid? Over to Tom Ford to find out…

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01:07 Stats and specs
04:31 Interior
08:09 The track package
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