The DB12 is Aston Martin’s new ‘Super Tourer’. The V12 is dead. Emissions finally caught up with it. But it’s not a hybrid nor does it have any form of electric assistance. Instead, the DB12 uses the Mercedes-sourced 4.0-litre twin turbo V8.

For real transformation, step inside. Almost all traces of Mercedes switchgear have been eradicated as Aston has taken the infotainment in-house. Hopefully that’ll be a good thing.

Most importantly, it looks like it means business. The bodywork has been skilfully enhanced. It leans towards the brutish muscularity of the DBS, but modernises those lines with more defined creases. The way the wheels pack the arches, the enlarged intakes, the curvature of the bonnet and broad haunches – it’s a sharp piece of design.

It looks and feels a more serious driving tool. And that should hopefully allow it to plug the gaping hole between the wonderfully weighty Bentley Conti GT and the hyperactively flighty Ferrari Roma.

Top Gear Magazine’s Ollie Marriage gives us all the details.

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