In the US of A, you can drive anything. Muscle cars, trucks and particularly the SUV is king. So if you choose to ignore all of that and daily a traditional longroof estate car, you’re… kind of an eccentric.

Curious to dive into the cult of the wagon, TopGear magazine’s Ollie Kew arranged a meet-up with ten of the West Coast’s biggest wagon fanatics, and took along the latest, greatest, fastest Audi Avant yet: the new 631bhp, £110,000 RS6 Performance.

It’s the best RS6 ever, and proof Audi is getting the hang of an entertaining chassis… but at TG’s Festival of Wagon, it was the old-timers (and their owners) that were the real stars of the show.

00:00 Intro
00:38 What’s new with the RS6 Performance?
02:10 Top Gear’s Festival of Wagon
03:41 Chevy Malibu
04:17 Mercedes E55 AMG
04:46 Pontiac Safari
05:46 West Coast’s Best Car Dealership?
08:51 Volvo V70 R
09:33 Audi S4 Avants
10:42 Audi ‘Quattromog’
11:45 Audi RS2
12:42 Audi RS6 Performance driving impressions
17:10 Chevy Bel-Air
17:46 Buick LeSabre
18:34 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon
19:30 Outro

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