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It’s time for an all-American showdown!

We’ve got Mat in the Fisker Ocean, and he’s facing off against the Tesla Model Y Performance! The question is, can this new EV player perform against the class-leading Tesla?

Well, let’s check out the stats. Starting with the Fisker, it’s packing dual electric motors which combine to produce 565hp and 740Nm of torque. Naturally, for an electric car, it’s pretty heavy, tipping the scales at 2,434kg, and when it comes to price, it’ll set you back £62,000.

Then we come to the Tesla. Just like the Fisker, it’s equipped with two electric motors. However, in this instance it’s down on power compared to the Ocean, producing 527hp and 660Nm. But while it’s down on power, it’s also down on weight and price, coming in at 1,997kg and £60,000 respectively.

So how do you think this one will play out? Will the more powerful Fisker snatch it? Or will the lighter Tesla cruise to victory? There’s only one way to find out for sure… LET’S RACE!

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