A member only master plan building featuring a space dedicated to everything automotive designed for you.


The ZENDO Clubhouse will be the ultimate space where automotive culture meets the ultimate garage. We have big plans and each online member puts us one step closer.  

ZENDO Lounge

Come chill in the ZENDO Lounge as we look to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for people to work, socialize, and network. Watch races from around the world, take a break from working on your car and get some drinks to kick back.

Food and drinks are essential elements to removing that impossible bolt to get too or finding your 10mm socket you dropped. ZENDO provides food, snacks, coffee, teas and drinks from or favorite places around the world.



Gaming Center

Spend some relaxing time in our ZENDO Gaming Center sharping your driving skills in one of our many driving simulators. We look to also have pool tables, arcade machines and more.

Shop Bays / Vehicle Storage

Our facility will offer private and secure dedicated garages for you to customize, build, maintain and store your vehicles. As a Garage Member you will have access to our detail facility, vendor services, shipping & receiving center, private showers and more. Work benches, tools, shelving and lifts are all optional to rent monthly as a part of your membership.

Our vehicle storage facility will be a convenient and secure option for those who need a safe and reliable place to store their vehicles.


A Place to Work / Content Creation

Work and home offices can be uninspiring or distracting. ZENDO’s environment gives you a work and study spaces with tables, computers and inspiration to complete your tasks and vision. Run your influencer network, complete company projects or research your next vehicle build.

Photo and video booth. A creative space to shoot videos, photos and products at our private studio for members.

Podcast studio. Coming to your Live from ZENDO! Studios dedicated for this influencers and manufacturers to host and shoot for your social network and marketing.

Events / Parties / Launches

ZENDO will host everything from car meets to product launch events. Members can showoff your completed build to manufacturers releasing a new product.

Watch races and events from around the world while having snacks and drinks in the lounge.

A different kind of space to host birthdays, holidays, weddings and private parties.

Parts Store / Gear Shop

ZENDO will have a dedicated shop offering parts, gears, accessories and lifestyle items. We look to parents with all the top brands displaying parts to touch and test along with the ability to use and compare for your influencer networks.

Charging Station

Finally somewhere where you want to be while charging your EV. Get some food and drinks and relax in the lounge watching a race while while your vehicle charges.

Night Club

A place for music and automotive culture. Thursday – Saturday ZENDO transforms after dark into an epic automotive theme nightclub. Featuring the best DJ’s, good drinks and hot cars. 

Gum / Health Center

A first of its kind automotive theme gym and health center. If wrenching isn’t enough, get access to our weights and fitness classes. 

Showers / Refresh

Having a place to shower and clean up after a long day in the shop keeps our members happy and healthy.

Capsule Hotel

Work, party, rest. Step into this space-age haven, and you’ll find yourself transported to a world where design meets functionality in the most extraordinary way featuring Japanese-inspired capsule pods.

PO Boxes

Establish your business address at ours by owning a ZENDO PO Box. Accept mail and deliveries and our shipping center has daily pickups.